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In the world of today, cybersecurity is on everyone's mind. Information is the most important asset for many companies, and security incidents are in the news daily. The companies and teams building software on Azure can partially rely on Microsoft, but still the best practices and the correct security approaches need to be taken. Even while Microsoft spends over 1 billion USD annually on cybersecurity and while Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider, it does not help if solutions and developed applications themselves are not hardened against attacks or application secrets are accessible for everyone.

Zure is the premier Azure partner in Finland. We take great pride in building secure solutions and products for our clients. On this page you find information on how to start your journey to the cloud.


LänsiAuto, one of the largest car retailer and related service provider in Finland, engaded with Zure to improve sales. Zure took an in-depth look into LänsiAuto's ways of working and investigated current sales data. Valuable insights were discovered from data and together we managed to design, implement and deploy a sales app that utilizes predictive analysis and is tailored to fit into LänsiAuto's sales organization. The full story is available at our Zure web site.


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Modernizing applications to Azure

In this webinar we explore the drivers, approaches and different technologies for enabling application modernization.

Speaker: Sakari Nahi
CEO @ Zure, Azure MVP, Microsoft Regional Director

Digitalizing business and creating a data-driven organization initiatives are part of the strategy of many large companies. At the same time, the operational day-to-day is based on existing legacy systems and applications, and it is not always easy to decide what to do with them. In this presentation we explore the drivers, approaches and different technologies for enabling application modernization. We will also look at a few different real-life approaches and cases in production.

On-deman webinar is a recording of Okko's webinar. Use the registration form to get instant access to the webinar.


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DevOps with GitHub

An introduction to GitHub's DevOps features related to Azure development and good DevOps practices.

Okko Oulasvirta
DevOps Domain Lead @ Zure

In this GitHub webinar, Zure expert Okko Oulasvirta is providing introduction to GitHub's DevOps features related Azure development and good DevOps practices. The content is targeted for people aiming for following roles: Cloud Solutions Architects, Azure Developers, Azure Administrators, Azure DevOps Engineers with basic knowledge on cloud development, version control, build and release pipelines.

On-deman webinar is a recording of Okko's webinar. Use the registration form to get instant access to the webinar.


Special offers

During this campaign we can provide you with five different solutions for special price.

Azure Security Audit

In the on-premises world, application security threats were limited to the organization’s network. Security is now the responsibility of everyone, not just security specialists. With this change in responsibilities, the new security concerns and available security controls for Azure infrastructure and applications can feel overwhelming.

Based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and real-life experiences from securing enterprise applications running on Azure, Zure will assess your Azure environment and let you focus on the most impactful threats.

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Cloud Governance Audit

Do you have services running in Azure platform? The user access is all over the place? All services are named inconsistently, not sure about the security status, tags are not consistent and billing is an issue?

A two-day project where Zure audits and inspects your existing Azure environment and Azure Governance to find and document the gaps between the current state and needs. Zure Cloud Governance Audit is focused on enterprises that already have products and services running on Azure but are running into issues after the usage has been grown organically.

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Discovery by Design

Love the problem not the solution! According to some studies 64% of application's features are rarely if ever used. Why is it so easy to end up building elegant solutions for the incorrect or misunderstood problem? Security, performance and such cannot be built correctly if the problem is not defined and mutually understood. Check out our whitepaper how and why we design for success at Zure.

With our Discovery by Design package you maximize the returns of your investments in application development and you are guaranteed to focus your efforts on the right problem from the start.

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Solution Health Check

Have you already deployed your solution to Azure but are unsure if it is properly built? Or do you a need better understanding of its architecture? Solution Health Check is here to help you to achieve the long-term vision of your solution and to identify any potential obstacles.

The purpose of Solution Health Check is to help you evaluate your Azure solution’s health regarding the architectural patterns, Microsoft best practices and utilized Azure products, giving you the tools to make decisions on the best way forward. Your solution can be a B2C app, B2B SaaS product or a custom enterprise app.

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DevOps Rapid Assessment

Do you want to get stuff done and deliver customer value, better quality and higher security fast? Benchmark your cloud development and operations practices against Zure DevOps practices.

Let us share our vast experience on how development and operation of cloud applications should be done. We provide a gap analysis report and present our improvement suggestions. Over the course of four weeks, our DevOps experts gather information on your current and desired state of Development and Operation practices, processes, tooling, environment and culture.

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